Pink Tourmaline woven together with angelic Selenite and adorned with a lotus flower & tribal sterling silver beading- (Furthest to the right in photo shown)

PINK TOURMALINE is devoted to serving the highest aspects of the Heart and connecting those with the Crown Chakra- infusing spirituality with love. It stimulates one’s receptivity to healing energies and the wisdom of Spirit, and brings a gentleness and compassion to one’s nature. It assists in attaining peace and understanding, awareness and trust and guides one into self-love.

SELENITE is a very high vibration crystal and is thought to have a strong connection to higher angelic realms, used to bring light down to the physical body to create personal transformation. Selenite vibrates more on the spiritual level than on the physical, and resides on the threshold between pure white light and physical matter. It strongly enhances clarity of mind & truth, gently removing the veils that obscure the nature of reality.
  • Product Info


    Max length is approx 30" and can be adjusted shorter with a sliding bead.

    One of a kind & handcrafted with love by Kokopilli.

  • Crystal Care

    'Crystals channel, amplify & reflect energy and need to be cleansed periodically for purification. This can best be done by leaving them out under the moon or blowing smoke over them (sage or smudge sticks work very well).

    Activate your crystals by setting an intention while holding or wearing them. They will then tune to your unique energies & work with you on your journey'- Kokopilli