Woven with a polished Turquoise palm stone & sterling silver Hill Tribe beading & OM.

TURQUOISE combines the Water, Wind, Fire & Earth energies, containing the power and unity of the Storm element. It is a stone of wholeness, reminding us that all aspects of the self & all experiences are valid on our Earth walk. As it is a stone of the Throat Chakra is encourages us to bring forth our deepest wisdom & empowers us to share it, recognising we all have something to contribute to the collective. Turquoise is serene, peaceful & loving.
  • Product Info


    100% handcrafted with love in Byron Bay by Kokopilli

    Max length is aprox 32" and can be adjusted shorter with a sliding bead.

  • Crystal Care

    'Crystals channel, amplify & reflect energy and need to be cleansed periodically for purification. This can best be done by leaving them out under the moon or blowing smoke over them (sage or smudge sticks work very well).

    Activate your crystals by setting an intention while holding or wearing them. They will then tune to your unique energies & work with you on your journey'- Kokopilli