SOOTHE- Labour and Post-Natal Recovery Kit

SOOTHE- Labour and Post-Natal Recovery Kit

This kit has been developed by SACRED to assist in labour and post natal recovery. (Suitable for vaginal and c-section births)

Soothe is the perfect addition to any birthing 'tool kit'. It comes in a lovely natural jute drawstring bag and contains a 10ml blend of natural and organic essential oils (carefully blended by a clinical aromatherapist), a 30ml bottle and a spray atomiser. The Kit can be used to make a facial spritz and bath oil for both labour and post-natal care. 

CLARY SAGE-Salvia sclarea
Assists relaxation during labour, thus encouraging a less painful birth.

LAVENDER- Lavandula officinalis
Soothes and comforts, it creates a lovely calming atmosphere. It is also antispasmodic and analgesic therefore assisting in reducing pain.

JASMINE- Jasminium grandiflorum
Soothes painful contractions and is very balancing. It assists in nervous tension and relaxes. This oil is extremely helpful for labour and post natal care.
  • Instructions

    This kit is not to be used until you have reached your due date. It may be used if you go into early labour but only if the midwives are happy for your labour to progress.


    Bath - Place 10 drops into the bath and shake the water to ensure even distribution.

    Inhalation - Place a few drops onto a tissue and inhale the scent, especially when contracting. You can also add 5-10 drops into a bowl of boiling water to use as a diffuser.

    Facial spritz - Fill the spray bottle with cold water. Add 7 drops of the essential oil blend. Spray on face during labour, keeping the eyes closed.This can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, wash out and make another.


    Bath oil - Blend 25ml olive or grapeseed oil with 10 drops of your essential oil blend into your empty bottle and shake well. Tip half of the mix into the bath and disperse evenly with your hands. This oil will assist in vaginal healing and helping you to feel balanced.

    Facial spritz - Spray on face at times of exhaustion and if feeling anxious or unbalanced.