This piece of high grade Faden Quartz is fit for a Queen! A very powerful gem full of special features with amazing clarity.

FADEN QUARTZ crystals have a self healed fuzzy line in its structure, where it has fractured and healed itself during its formation. For this reason they are very powerful in healing specific health problems and they very easily
programmable. Once a piece of Faden Quartz takes a program, it will keep the program for a long time, so think carefully and give your piece a powerful and useful program. Faden Quartz is also an extremely powerful communication crystal used for a single purpose - communication with the Spirit World. These are some of the most useful meditation crystals when you want to communicate with the higher planes of our existence and communicate directly with angelic, light beings.
  • Crystal Care

    'Crystals channel, amplify & reflect energy and need to be cleansed periodically for purification. This can best be done by leaving them out under the moon or blowing smoke over them (sage or smudge sticks work very well).

    Activate your crystals by setting an intention while holding or wearing them. They will then tune to your unique energies & work with you on your journey'- Kokopilli

  • Product Info


    Measures 8 x 2.5cm

    Wrapped in sterling silver & adorned with sterling silver handmade beading (silver beads bought Fair Trade from tribes in Norther Thailand).

    Length is aprox 32" and can be adjusted shorter with a sliding bead.

    One of a kind & hand crafted with love in Byron Bay by Kokopilli