CHRISTMAS- Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf & Red Mandarin Sweet and Spicy. A perfect addition to any home during the festive season. This candle helps to create a warm and soothing atmosphere. The oils used in this blend are known for their ability to stimulate appetite as well as ward off germs. Clove and Cinnamon are powerful antiseptics and germ killers, helping to ease colds and flu. While Mandarin is known to have a gentle, soothing action, known as the child's remedy also suitable for the very fragile.All of the essential oils we use are from named botanical species, 100% natural, unadulterated, nothing added or taken away, they are of the highest quality and have been tested for their authenticity and do not contain any trace of pesticides or herbicides.
  • Directions

    Your diffuser comes with 8 'no flip' reeds, simply unscrew the cap on the bottle, pop in your reeds and you're all set.

  • Product Info

    100ml | 17ml Organic Essential Oils | Lasts approx 4-8 weeks | Eco & Organic | Free From Fragrance Oils, Toxins, Additives & Chemicals



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