Sacred Botanics wax melts have been infused with crystal chips and botanicals and are made with love and pure intentions to enhance your wellbeing, mind, body and soul. We use the concentrated essences of plants to encourage the body back into a state of wellness. Our packaging is recyclable and bio degradable, each packet contains 6 wax melts.


REVIVE & RESTORE- Bergamot, Black Pepper & Rosemary.


Relaxing and refreshing. This blend is the perfect 'pick me up' whether it be for physical or mental tiredness. Allowing you to think more clearly and helping to get things done! The components of Bergamot oil are anti-depressant and stimulating in nature.


AROMA- Subtly sweet, citrus aroma with a warm, herby slightly woody under tone.

  • Ingredients

    Eco Soy

    Organic Essential Oils

    Dried Flowers

    Crystal Chips